Estimation Take-Off.

Professional Contractor Services

Require a blueprint take-off to determine the quantity of insulation material or labor hours your company will need for installation?

Let Thomas Insulation Corporation be your own private in-house estimation team.


How to Order Services

Customers interested in ordering estimation take-off services should contact Insulation Sales. 

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Your in-House Estimation Take-Off Team

Using advanced digital technology, we produce rapid and accurate proposals based upon your requirements so that you in turn can submit a bid for your own project. It eliminates the cost of your own estimation team!  No more employee federal and state taxes, workers compensation or costly health insurance premiums. Our Estimation team offers an expedient turn around, usually within 48 hours and for long term customers, exclusive rates.

Pricing & Ordering

Estimation take-off is on an individual project basis. Please contact Insulation Sales to request estimation take-off services or alternatively fax your take-off requirements to us. Thomas Insulation Corporation requires pre-payment along with project blueprints and any alternates and/or addendums for any take off to be processed and completed.

Get a Free Estimation Template

A free estimation template designed by Thomas Insulation Corporation for "Do-it-Yourself" customers using Microsoft Excel version 2007 or higher. It includes a labor and overhead worksheet, the estimate worksheet and a materials catalog as well as financial charts to visually guide you in your decision process. And what's best? It's completely free, unlocked and can be customized by each user. *No support or warranty is provided. Please be sure to read the disclaimer, as well as our terms of use.   Download Template!