Insulation Contracting.

Professional Contractor Services

Thomas Insulation insulates a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects from providing solutions to mechanical,plumbing & sheet metal contractors to direct business to business services.


How to Order Services

Customers interested in ordering insulation contracting service should contact Insulation Sales.

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Mechanical Insulation is our Know-How

Thomas Insulation is a commercial and industrial insulation solutions provider to mechanical, plumbing & sheet metal contractors and direct business to business. 

Mechanical Insulation is our core competency and our Know-How. We're your expert. We consult, estimate and install. As we also distribute our own products we're able to offer quick competitive outcomes.

Thomas Insulation commercial and industrial contracting services include piping, refrigeration, tank, turbines, air duct, chiller and boiler insulation applications and more.

TIC also provides heat tracing and very specialty related insulation applications.

Pricing & Ordering

Insulation contracting is on a bid basis. Please contact Insulation Sales to request Thomas Insulation contracting services or alternatively fax your bid requirements to us.

Insulation contracting that is estimated and submitted for bid to include the acceptance of the estimation quotation is subject to our standard inclusions and exclusions. Thomas Insulation terms may be read online at