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Our policies are designed to tell you about our practices regarding collection, use, and disclosure of information that you may provide via this site as well as your own responsibilities.

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The Thomas Insulation Corporate web site is designed to facilitate communication to a large and diverse audience via the Internet. We have worked diligently on our design to minimize the presentation differences that can occur when viewing the site using different Internet Web browsers.

Unfortunately, not all Internet browsers present Web content the same way.  To ensure that our site is viewable across all the major Internet browsers we comply, where possible, with W3C 4.01 and 5.0 HTML Transitional Coding specifications.

Thomas Insulation has adopted some components of CSS 3.0 coding early, which requires you to have the most current internet browser for an optimal viewing experience e.g., Safari 5+, Firefox 5+, Chrome 10 or greater.  Internet Explorer 8 is supported, however it does not fully support CSS 3.0, whereas Internet Explorer 9.0 does. Internet Explorer 7 or earlier is not supported.

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