Core Insulation Products.

Primary Insulation Products at Affordable Prices

Thomas Insulation has established strategic supplier relationships to bring to you high quality insulation materials & accessories at very competitive prices. Our core products include fiberglass pipe insulation,  insulation tapes, PVC fittings and duct liner.


Fiberglass Pipe Insulation

Fiberglass pipe insulation is a one piece insulation made from glass fibers bonded with a thermo setting resin available in various sizes.

Duct Liner

Duct Liner is specifically designed as an interior insulation material for sheet metal ducts used in heating, ventilating and air conditioning.

PVC Fitting Covers

PVC covers are fitting insulation systems that are pre-molded flexible fitting covers with or without flexible glass fiber blanket insulation inserts.

Insulation Tapes

Specialty tapes of a wide variety and for a wide range of applications are available from Thomas Insulation. Including FSK, ASJ facing and PVC tape.

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